Building An Energy Efficent Home

Green Energy Solutions

solar panelsThere are many options one building a green home. Green energy solutions are plenty and why although the most common would be solar panel installations. Installing a solar power system in your home would indeed make it a highly efficient energy maker. The latest green energy technology will amaze most people.

Residential Solar Power Systems

A residential solar power system will often cost somewhere around $30,000 to install. The return on this investment can take up to 20 years but you will be saving on cost of rising electricity. Home solar power systems are very popular nowadays. The leading cities in the United States as of now our Los Angeles and San Diego.

Cost Of Installing Solar Panels

While solar panel installation cost can appear to be high it is the same as any investment. You will have to put money upfront to invest in your future. Solar system installation can be done in a relatively short period of time. But now I’ll houses can have a solar installation job. The cost of a solar panel installation will vary depending on how many panels need to be installed in order to offset the amount of electricity being used by the home. Solar energy installers will do a survey and find out if you have enough roof space to install the proper amount of panels needed. Solar installation guides online can help you make this calculation before contacting a solar installation company.

Top Solar Power Companies

We found the top solar power companies in San Diego to be Southwestern Solar because of the willingness to provide information to the consumer rather than make a “sale”. They are also the place to go to find quality solar panels in San Diego. Solar energy companies will often come out and survey home before they can install panels. Top solar energy San Diego companies will play close attention to the quality of the roof before even talking about installing solar power systems. American solar companies have skyrocketed within the past few years. Chinese solar panels are often used because they are cheap. But as the saying goes you will get what you pay for when it comes to anything and that includes the quality of solar panels that you purchased for your home. Solar installation companies can provide the service from start to finish, this includes the pre-installation survey all the way to turning on the electricity switch at the very end. Learn more about solar panels here.